Work smarter. Make better products.


Applying the core principles of product management drastically improves product success​

It’s hard to refute that obsessing about customers, aligning around a sharp vision and strategy, continuously collaborating, experimenting and iterating are essential to product success.


But all too often they take a back seat to tactical fire-fighting. 


That’s where Interplay can help.


We enable product companies to embed processes, habits, and tools that ensure they spend their time on work that matters.



We conduct a structured analysis of your products, people, and processes to identify areas of strength and weakness and provide concrete recommendations for improving how your company delivers product.


We deliver targeted training sessions on product management and marketing for all levels of experience.


We coach individuals and teams of all levels on the art and science of product marketing and product management.


We plan and facilitate customised workshops to help product teams:

  • Create and align on a product vision and strategy

  • Design optimal solutions for customer needs

  • Prioritise competing work for delivery

"Awesome training. Recommended to any company wanting to build a solid product management foundation"

Chris Moore, Director
Roam Creative

A team who knows what it takes to create great products

While all three of us are product folk at heart, we each bring different skills and viewpoints to the challenges we work on with our customers.  Creative problem solving is a team sport and our experience has proven that we deliver superior results for our customers as a collective



Once an Engineer, Matt has built up a skillset around product management and coaching that have taken him further from the tech coal-face and closer to people. He is as much thoughtful as thought-provoking. He is on a quest to challenge businesses to think, feel and grow as a group of humans committed to a cause. Matt is a big thinking, rapport building, and trusted product expert.


Phil feels what you feel. He tries to use this superpower for good (don’t worry he doesn't mind that you don't believe him). He gains energy from others and brings authenticity to how people communicate in order to help businesses market products and services. Phil is an active listener, asks the big questions and cuts through noise to get to the heart of product problems.



His natural curiosity has led him through a diverse range of professions, from law and software engineering to more recent forays in sales, marketing, and product.  He enjoys grappling with complex problems and addressing them with meaningful and repeatable processes. Jerry is direct, drives action and instills confidence across product teams and individuals.


Our client list is diverse. We’ve worked with a wide range of kiwi product companies - large iconic corporates, well-known software companies and early-stage startups.


Regardless of size, industry, and maturity, we can help you deliver greater value to your customers.


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