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Product Training

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, being a product manager of a technology product is demanding. The stakes are high, and as hard as you work to stay on top of things, the load of requests, decisions, trade-offs, admin and firefighting just piles up.


We believe no matter what level you're at, there are opportunities to declutter and refocus your work to deliver more value, with less wasted effort. Taking time out to optimise your product management skills will help bring new clarity and confidence to your role.


Interplay Product Training upskills you in the areas we've found to be the biggest levers of product success. Our courses provide the chance to explore these levers and practice them alongside other product people.


Join us and your product peers in discovering how to work smarter and build better products for your customers.


Our programme consists of one foundations course for new product managers and product owners, and five masterclasses that target specific skills for more experienced product professionals looking to take their practice to the next level.


Each course is a one-day immersive experience with two trainers and a maximum of 15 participants.

For new product managers and owners this course covers the skills, knowledge and mindsets that underpin quality product practices


Product Management Foundations

Fine tune your core skills of deciding what opportunities to focus on, and how to effectively communicate those decisions for maximum impact


Masterclass: Prioritisation and Roadmapping

Work out how to transform your stakeholder relationships through the application of design thinking and storytelling techniques


Masterclass: Stakeholders and Storytelling


Learn how to develop a compelling future for your customers and generate a clear path to success that inspires and aligns your team

Masterclass: Vision and Strategy


Stack the odds of success in your favour by embracing product discovery methods and mindsets to build the right things

Masterclass: Product Discovery


Develop techniques and learn approaches to get the voice of your customer embedded into your daily product practice

Masterclass: Knowing Your Customers


Private in-house workshops can be arranged.  Contact us to discuss.

We don't currently have any public courses scheduled, but please contact us if you're interested in attending and we'll let you know when these are likely to start up.




All our courses are $1500 + GST per participant, including lunch.


We offer discounted rates for group bookings as well as multi-course bookings.



Contact us for more details. 



"Awesome training. Recommended to any company wanting to build a solid product management foundation"

Chris Moore, Director
Roam Creative


We realise your time is a precious non-renewable resource and want you to use it wisely.


No matter your product management maturity, there is value in spending time away from your office, with trainers who've done it before* and who have taken the time to crystallise their experiences into learning activities.


*We've calculated we have 43 years of collective experience in product development, product marketing and product management. Wow, way to feel old! We've also run dozens of these training courses, so you know you're in good hands.


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